Last straw - dvds stall on playback

FoskeyMedia wrote on 1/17/2018, 11:09 PM

(short story - DVDs stall on playback..not EVERY time...but a hight percentage)
This issue is months if not over a year old. And it's consistent with almost all of my clients...

  • I render to DVDA codec in SV...
  • Burn with DVDA (sometimes 16x sometimes 8x)
  • I'll duplicate on a DVD duplicater
  • Test one or 2 on my computer and TV
  • Send batch out to client
  • Get complaints that they are stalling...usually in the same location on the video

After the last batch I thought it must be my 11bay duplicater... so this time I decided to go old school and duplicate one at a time from the PC directly from DADV. And...they all seem to stall at the same place (good thing I didn't distribute yet).

Eliminating the duplicater I figure it has to be the medium (but I've switched up different batches and brands), the burner, or ...DVDA.

I'm working with both DVDA 6/0 and 5.2. Same thing. I borrowed an old Win 7 PC to try and will try and install DVDA and use that burner. If that doesn't work I'm off to MicroCenter for a copy of Nero and dropping DVDA (and maybe even Vegas for Premiere). It's not even closely worth the hassle. (I'd love to eliminate DVDs from my business altogether, but clients aren't ready for that yet).


Former user wrote on 1/17/2018, 11:16 PM

Are these single layer DVDs? I have used DVDA for years and never had one stall, so although I won't swear it is not DVDA, the odds are that there is something else at issue here. Is this on every project you have created or just this specific one? Are you burning directly from DVDA? ( I don't recommend that, I always burn to a folder and use other software to actually burn?) First thing to do is eliminate the hardware by trying another DVD burner.