Sari wrote on 4/21/2003, 6:57 PM
Has anyone been having problems with audio latency. I have on both my systems.

Since I've installed 4.0b I have a huge latency when recording audio. I am talking huge. I've never had any problems before and I have been using Vegas since version 1.0 with no problem.

The only time I have no latency is when I use ASIO drivers, then I am sync solid.

I thought it was my sound cards, both by Egosys. The Wami Rack 24 and the Waveterminal 192M with the latest drivers installed. However when I recorded on Sonar as well as Nuendo I had no latency while using Windows classic wave driver.

Both my systems are PIV 2.53, 1GB Ram, Dedicated fast audio hard disks. Nothing but audio.

Any Ideas.



JohanAlthoff wrote on 4/22/2003, 6:50 AM
Then everything is as it should be! ASIO drivers are made for low-latency performance, MME / DirectSound isn't. You can always try and tweak the playback buffer, of course, but why not stick to ASIO if it works?
Sari wrote on 4/22/2003, 9:06 AM
I do use ASIO, however sometimes it is not possible when I am running many other applications. I have always functioned perfectly with DirectSound (with no direct monitoring). So I was wondering how come all of a sudden I have a huge latency which I never had before when using DirectSound!
Cold wrote on 4/22/2003, 11:05 AM
Are you referring to out of sync recording? The tracks not recording in sync with the preexisting tracks? I have come across this but haven't had time to figure out a solution yet. Most of my projects are still in vv3 so I'm not in a mad rush yst to figure out the issue. I'm using a motu 2408 and the classic drivers by the way.
Steve S
AUDIONUTZ wrote on 4/23/2003, 10:47 AM
Sari wrote on 4/24/2003, 10:18 AM

Thanx for your feed back on the latency issue. I've been recording on hard disk since 1991! So I am aware of all the issues.

I do understand that ASIO is the way to go. However, I still can't get why V4.0 reacts as it does when I record using DirectSound drivers. Let's say I record a track, when I go to play it back, it is almost 60ms late. I never had this problem before with any version even before Vegas supported ASIO.

So there is my enigma. Sofo's support told me to use ASIO. Again I do, but sometimes I want to record using DirectSound for whatever reason, and when I do I get huge latency. There.

SonyEPM wrote on 4/24/2003, 11:27 AM
DirectSound was added to support 5.1 mixing with lower end soundcards. DirectSound + low latency input monitor recording will not work under any scenario I am aware of. For recording with low latency, you will HAVE to use ASIO (or a low latency alternative mode like Echo Purewave).
Sari wrote on 4/24/2003, 1:23 PM
Hey SonicEPM;

I do not need to input monitor. My question for you is that I never had this latency problem before. How come I have it now.

I have reinstalled VV3.0 and I have no latency problem at all when using WDM drivers of my WamiRack. The problem only happens in V4.0.

Remember we are not talking about input monitoring, since I only input monitor with ASIO drivers.
JohanAlthoff wrote on 4/24/2003, 7:51 PM
You're getting 60 ms latency with DirectSlow?!
SonyEPM wrote on 4/25/2003, 8:41 AM
Sari: I'm lost now, please clarify:

Are you using Wave classic for recording and mixing?

Sari wrote on 4/25/2003, 10:52 AM
I have always used WaveClassic Drivers for recording and mixing. I do not need input monitoring, since I monitor on my mixer. I have never had a problem with latency before installing V 4.0b.

madpenguin wrote on 4/26/2003, 3:48 PM
I get the same issue from V4.0 using basic hardware (i.e. sblive). I used v2.0-3.0 with no problem, but cannot use 4.0 due to this issue. Money down the drain.
NiggaPhil wrote on 6/6/2003, 4:17 AM
Sari, it seems that SonicEPM doesn't want to understand that it is a bug.
I have the same problem, 2 of my friends have the same problem...

This not due to use the simple WAVE MME driver ! I used it with VV3 and I had no prob...
Sari wrote on 6/6/2003, 5:55 AM
I have confirmed it is a bug. It does not happen with V1, V2 ir V3. Only V4 has this problem.
Weevil wrote on 6/6/2003, 7:03 AM
Yep, I can confirm this also; I just played around with the Turtle Beach Santa Cruz (Windows Classic wave driver) in my home system. V3 is fine V4 is a basket case.

I could not get a friend’s Gadget Labs 8-24 to record in sync all last week... Told him I thought it was the card’s fault. D’oh!!!!!!!!!
Ike_Boffo wrote on 6/6/2003, 8:33 AM
I use an Edirol card and I found that the way my system performed when the "Automatically detect and offset for hardware recording latency" selection (Preferences, Audio Device tab) was marked wasn't cutting it. I deselected the preference and adjusted for latency manually, and that did the trick. 60 ms does sound high though.
tmrpro wrote on 6/6/2003, 11:08 AM

I think the main problem concerning this discussion is that when discussing latency, SonicEPM thinks that you are referring to a realtime issue (I.E. monitoring). Because that is when the term is used the most when discussing DSP.

I believe I understand that the problem you are having is that the recorded track, when completed is 60ms latent or delayed on the timeline when using DirectSound.

I think SF is only having difficulty understanding the use of the term latency here.

Hopefully, this should help clarify their understanding of what your issue is.
Sari wrote on 6/6/2003, 11:35 AM
Hey tmrpro;

I think you are right.

I am sure, however, that I explained the situation clearly, but hey..

By the way, I am really enjoying your other posts. Very pertinant.
rgdbv wrote on 6/7/2003, 11:10 PM
Boy, reading the messages in this thread was sure frustrating! I could understand what sari was saying straight away, as i am having the exact same problem, yet no one else could seem to, or help!

I have a soundblaster live!, and am running Windows XP, with 512 mg ram. I do not have the option of using ASIO drivers, so don't try and mention that as a cure!

In "audio device type" I can select from "microsoft sound mapper", "direct sound mapper" (which doesn't really work at all), and "Windows classic wave driver". When recording using any of these three, the tracks are recording out of sync with the rest of the project.

Obviously I can fix this manually, by moving the event I have recorded and aligning it with other events, but that is a huge pain! I have tried to fix this by deselecting "automatically detect and offset for hardware recording latency", and manually adjusting the "user recording latency offset". This works, after a long process of trial and error until I can record in time with the rest of my project, but strangely, only temporarily. For example, I might have to set the "user recording latency offset" to 150 ms and i can record in sync, but after a period of time, say a couple of hours, it will be recording out of time again. So it seems to be fluctuating. I have just found no way that I can consistently record in sync.

Note, that this problem does not exist in earlier versions of vegas. And from other people's similar complaints, I am assuming that this is a bug, and a serious one, one that needs to be fixed as soon as possible, as recording is obviously an important feature of Vegas.

And, lastly, this problem has nothing to do with input monitoring either, I don't use it.
Sari wrote on 6/8/2003, 8:02 AM
I think I will will write sofo support. Their answer better not be "use ASIO for that"!
Maybe everyone who has that problem should write support at the same time.

I have become so frustrated with this that I have reinstalled VV3 so as to record with no problem. I record with VV3, and mix with V4! Hey.. One can one do.

There is also the metronome bug.. anyone has this. Well i think it is another thread.
criticaljames wrote on 6/9/2003, 11:02 PM
you guys are not alone. mine does the same thing. just upgraded to V4, recorded 8 tracks of drums. not only were all of the tracks offset but some where offset more than the others. good times aligning with the click track. i use a Delta 1010 and Layla 24 so when i switch to ASIO drivers i get to go down to 8 tracks. worked great in Vegas 3 though...

NiggaPhil wrote on 6/10/2003, 1:49 AM
Many poeple say that the problem is solved using ASIO driver. It is not ! Even if I use ASIO driver, I have a latency problem....
imac wrote on 6/10/2003, 4:37 PM
The pain is the problem is not consistent
I get the occasional file positioned with some random delay, so manually adjusting the recording offset will only help most of the time...

and the metronome...

and the clicks at edit points (even on 4b)...

and when I record the new files randomly "disappear" when I stop recording...

Is this a beta? then why am I paying good money for it...

too much hurry to release s/w that is not ready..

with these problems Vegas is feeling very shaky to use at the moment, very unproffessional, has me worried everytime I have to use it in high pressure situations
Arnar wrote on 6/10/2003, 4:54 PM
I just had to chime in and say something i have said before...

I love vegas and i bought veg 4 the day it was released.
Im still using vegas 3 though as vegas 4 is full of bugs.

I could write a list...I have done so in the past i think, but i need to keep on working for my company not SF.
So untill this gets sorted out im staying with 3 even though that sometimes gets me down.

I can live with most of the limitations in veg3 but Plugins being post fader on the busses is just the worst bussing implementation i have ever encountered.

Cheers :)

pwppch wrote on 6/11/2003, 8:20 AM
>>So there is my enigma. Sofo's support told me to use ASIO. Again I do, but sometimes I want to record using DirectSound for whatever reason, and when I do I get huge latency. There.
If you use DirectSound Surround Mapper in Vegas, you WILL get large record offsets in Vegas. The Direct Sound Support in Vegas is intended for Surround playback. We use the Direct Sound Mapper in Vegas and NOT the actual DirectSound drivers of the card you may have on your system.

ASIO is the best solution and the reason why we added it to Vegas. It is consistent.

There is NO work around. Don't use Direct Sound in Vegas for recording. It is the worst choice in Vegas.