Latency FIX

The_Voice wrote on 6/15/2003, 3:32 AM
O.K., do not ask me how I found this out because I couldn't explain it even if I knew how. But here it comes...

After many a late night and several thousand words used only by Sailors, this is the fix:

First I have a plain old 1.8 and a 450 mhz PC with 1 gig and 512 RAM respectively. I also have a pair of Delta 1010's in the faster PC and an SB audigy in the slower.

Upon firing up VV4 when beginning a session... go to where you set your latency and drivers (Preferances), change the latency to a bit LOWER than what you would usually use (if your at 9.8 ms, then change it to 9.4 or 8.8 or similar).

Apply that setting.

Then close down that window.

Then re-open the widnow and reset the latency to your usual setting and APPLY, again. (Oftentimes I need to close down VV4c, then restart the program, and re-do the settings again, but usually it works within the first time fire-up of the program)

This will work for THAT SESSION ONLY!!!!

If you close down VV4 or choose to bring up a previous session, you will need to reset as described above. This "fix" does not SAVE with the session. It will also only apply to the session you are working on, if you change sessions, you will need to reset as described above.

SoFo might want to address this issue in an forthcoming update. (I hope, I hope, I hope)

I contacted M-Audio after the first week of "no-sleep-nights" and they instructed me to try their latest Beta drivers. After another week of 'BEING SLEEPLESS IN PARK CITY", I stumbled upon this and it has worked ever since... Zero latency problems or issues (other than I wish it would "save").

By the way, the "fix" works for SB Audigy, Live and TB Santa Cruz as well as Echo, or any other card you might choose to use. I recently tried an expensive card - which shall remain nameless - and with their cost and "promise" of no latency problems... I still had problems with VV4 and the card. Once set-up with the fix - no problems existed and it (the audio) didn't sound any better than with my Delta 1010's - so much for the $1400 card???

Hope this works for you.

SoFo could you look into why the latency will not save with the session?


Weevil wrote on 6/15/2003, 6:44 AM
Someone give that man a cigar.

This method works on my system.
JohanAlthoff wrote on 6/15/2003, 7:44 AM
SoFo: Hire him! =)
Sari wrote on 6/15/2003, 7:47 AM
I have a repro of The Voice here too! I think it basically because the offset does not want to save. When I open a session all I have to do is to move latency slider then apply, place the slider back to where it was and apply. Thanx The Voice. And yes sofo: hire him.
The_Voice wrote on 6/15/2003, 1:13 PM
Thanks All! I could use antoher job (ha, ha...)
Glad to hear it woked for you.

Oh and about the cigar...
seeker wrote on 6/15/2003, 1:26 PM

Frank, I have great admiration for what you have done here.

So Fo,

When you verify that this fix works, you should have a really good clue how to fix this widely reported latency problem. Then you should acknowledge the true value-added to Vegas 4.0c that The_Voice has contributed here and you should provide him with a tangible reward.

You should contact Frank and if a job offer or some sort of subcontracting or consulting arrangement is not feasible at this time, you should at a very minimum offer him all the free software that he can use, including Sound Forge and ACID and anything else that he will accept. All those sleepless nights and cuss words deserve a real reward for solving this problem. It seems to me that the more SoFo software that he is using the better off the SoFo user community stands to be. And if he is like some of us and already has everything Sonic Foundry offers, then award him lifetime free upgrades.

-- Seeker --
MyST wrote on 6/15/2003, 2:59 PM
Considering that The_Voice has helped SoFo's image by helping them solve a bug (therefore giving a more stable product, therefore happier end users), I wouldn't doubt it if he got a call from them. Also, it frees up time for SoFo employees to move onto something else. After they've finalized the fix of course. :)

tmrpro wrote on 6/15/2003, 9:17 PM
The_Voice, The_Man!!!

Way 2 Go!
SonyEPM wrote on 6/16/2003, 9:01 AM
Thanks for the info, we are looking into it.
NiggaPhil wrote on 6/16/2003, 10:49 AM
VEGAS 4.0d is born !!!