Layers of video when cutting and pasting?

Dan Sherman wrote on 4/19/2016, 8:32 AM
Some months ago I purchased a Lumix GH4.
Been using Plural Eyes to sync audio from digital recorder (Marantz 661)
Work flow (maybe unorthodox) is to open two instances of Vegas Pro 12 and copy and paste from one to the other, building the project.
Problem is I am finding the pasted events have several layers of video not related to the audio that need to be deleted.
Any solutions?


rs170a wrote on 4/19/2016, 10:27 AM
Dan, make sure that, other than your video and new audio, nothing is grouped together.
I just tried this on an 8 layer project and, once I removed the grouping that I had done, I could copy & paste specific individual layers.

Dan Sherman wrote on 4/19/2016, 7:14 PM
Thanks Mike.
I sometimes use camera audio for B roll.
Maybe in need to use "good" audio for B roll too.