Letterbox when rendering

Tim-Boone wrote on 4/28/2022, 12:42 AM

I'm working with Movie Studio Platinum 17. My computer is a Dell with 64-bit operating system, x64-based processor Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-10700 CPU @ 2.90GHz   2.90 GHz . I just got this new computer and I've been finishing up a project I had started on my old computer, and any time I render it, the image is completely widened and stretched out with a Letterbox taking up most of the space above and below the image. I manually went through and clicked on 'disable resample' on every single clip, I've checked the settings and the aspect ratio and everything seems to match.


EricLNZ wrote on 4/28/2022, 3:49 AM

Disable Resample won't be involved. You obviously have a setting wrong somewhere. But we need more information to discover what it is. To start with:

  1. Does it look correct in preview
  2. What is your source material
  3. Which render template are you using
Tim-Boone wrote on 4/28/2022, 3:37 PM

1. Yes, it does look correct in preview.

2. My source material is: AVC files from a DSLR camera(which are 1080x1920 in size and 29.97fps), and some from an android smart phone as well(which are 1080x1920 and 30fps).. I also have some JPEG images in there(which are 3840x 2160x24), and audio from 3 sources; the original audio from the DSLR, files recorded from a boom mic, and music made on Magix Music Maker software. I apologize if I'm not being specific enough.

3. The render template I've been using is: MAGIX AVC/AAC MP4, and I've tried 'Internet HD 1080p 29.97fps', 'Internet HD 1080p 29.97 fps(Intel QSV), and 'Internet HD 1080p 29.97 fps(NVIDIA NVENC)..

I've also tried: MAGIX HEVC/AAC MP4 'Internet HD 1080p 29.97fps(Intel QSV), and (NVIDIA NVENC)..

Former user wrote on 4/28/2022, 6:50 PM

@Tim-Boone Hi your 1080 x 1920 files are 9:16 but your project is 3840 x 2160 16:9, so your screen would look like this,

But if Maintain Aspect ratio is No then the screen gets stretched? is this what your seeing?

If you first import the 9:16 1080 x 1920 media & click 'yes on the on screen pop up

your preview will look like this

notice the grey down the sides off the image not black like in the first pic i posted above, that's because the project is 9:16 to match the media,

Then if i add some 16:9 3840 x 2160 media it gets cut like this

Render setting will all depend on what your project settings are,

can you post a few pics of the full screen, & of the render settings, you can upload on here using the arrow button next to the smiley at the top of a new comment

Tim-Boone wrote on 4/30/2022, 4:47 PM

Hi Gid, actually my project is 1080x1920, but I have some jpg files included in the project which are 3840x2160.

Something I didn't mention before is this:

At first, my problem with rendering was that the text of the titles would shrink, and green screen and other fx I've used would also shrink and be placed in a different spot of the image(for example, green screen fx would no longer be in place in front of the green screen, but off to the side).

Trying to figure out the problem, I read about someone having a similar issue and they clicked 'Render Options' and clicked on 'stretch video to fill output frame size', so I click that, and it solves the problem of the shrunken text and misplaced fx, but then the whole image is stretched out and flattened.

Now, if I unclick 'stretch video to fill output frame size', it doesn't flatten and stretch the image, but like I said, it then has the issue of all the fx being misplaced in the image and the text being smaller than in the preview screen.

Another thing: I opened a 'new project' and copied and pasted onto it, and when I render it from there, it no longer flattens and stretches out the image, but even with the 'stretch video to fill output frame size' clicked on, the fx and text are still shrunken and misplaced.

As far as screenshots of these things, I'll definitely post some shortly..

Tim-Boone wrote on 4/30/2022, 5:09 PM

Another thing:

I have only recently noticed that the whole time I've been editing this project, the preview screen may not have been functioning the proper way the entire time; the whole time I've been working on this project, when I go to 'fullscreen', the image actually only got slightly bigger, and was just a small box with a large black background. That's how it's always been, and I didn't realize that something may be wrong until copying and pasting into a 'new project', and when I do that, the preview screen itself is a bit bigger, and when I go to 'fullscreen', the image actually does fill up the whole screen, as opposed to the image just being a small box with a black background.

Now, like I said, when I render from this 'new project', there is no longer the issue of the image being stretched out and flattened, but even with 'stretch video to fill output frame size', there is still the issue of the text/titles being shrunken, and all the fx being shrunken and misplaced.

EricLNZ wrote on 4/30/2022, 6:25 PM

the image actually does fill up the whole screen, as opposed to the image just being a small box with a black background.

@Tim-Boone Check that you haven't accidentally placed clips on the Picture-in-picture track.

Tim-Boone wrote on 4/30/2022, 7:32 PM

Thank you Eric. Actually, I did make sure not to do that, but I think I know what the problem may be, and I'm not sure if there is a solution other than re-doing my titles and fx, unfortunately, unless there is a way around that.

Haha, I actually had the settings to where it was 1920 height and 1080 width instead of the other way around. I changed it to 1080 height and 1920 width, and I'm assuming that's why my fx and titles are smaller and misplaced..


wwindrider wrote on 4/19/2023, 6:29 PM

On the same subject, when rendering my video the picture is reduced to small box in the middle. I went through the process, burned the disk but the video is stil small in the middle of the screen, it does not occupies the whole frame. Any suggestions how to fix it? I am using rev. 16 and made numerous movies using this software and this is first time I encounter it.

EricLNZ wrote on 4/19/2023, 8:21 PM

@wwindrider As said earlier in this thread "Check that you haven't accidentally placed clips on the Picture-in-picture track."

wwindrider wrote on 4/20/2023, 7:01 AM

Thank you for your response. There was PiP track in my project but I wasn't using it. I deleted it entirely, tried to rearrange and rename the tracks according to previous working projects but nothing was working. I checked the project's properties and they were the same like previous ones. What I finally end up doing is take the "good" project from the past, cleaned all trucks and copied one by one tracks from the faulty one and this seem to work. I have issues when trying to copy "music" track so I am in the process entering these pieces one by one from my files but so far the results seem to be positive.

EricLNZ wrote on 4/20/2023, 7:05 AM

Do any of your video tracks have a Track FX applied to them?