Erik_B wrote on 10/20/2018, 2:23 AM

You need to ungroup them right click on any od those tracks that you want to seperate and find the group sescion and click on ungroup

Or just do U to ungroup

And select tracks that you want to group by holding ctrl and then press G

Grazie wrote on 10/20/2018, 2:29 AM

I'm working with a template.

@FoskeyMedia What Template?

Anyhoo, Click on Event and press U.

j-v wrote on 10/20/2018, 4:57 AM

I'm working with a template. There's a clip that appears 2x on 2 separate tracks. I want to replace the second occurrence with another clip...but when I do...both change. It seems they are linked somehow. Can I unlink them???

That's because you used for both the same mediaclip and the only option to replace is in that media list.
To do it the right way you have first to make from the second event ( the one you want to replace) a subclip by rightclicking. When you now select that subclip in the media list you can replace it and only that one.

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FoskeyMedia wrote on 10/20/2018, 11:16 AM

Well, they are not 'grouped' because they don't react that way. But they are "linked'. If I move one the other doesn't move.

I tried to create a Subclip...but it's greyed out.

I was able to "Fix it" by just deleting and pasting in a new clip instead of "replace" Although I lost my keyframes, there were only 2.

Still, that's a workaround, it allows me to complete my work, but I haven't really figured out the problem and learn anything.
I've saved the unfixed project to go back later and try and figure out how and why it does what it does.
Thanks for the help though!

altarvic wrote on 10/20/2018, 1:29 PM

Both events use the same media file (events can have multiple media files aka "takes"). Imagine that you split an event into multiple pieces (press S key) - they all share the same media file.

You can add another clip as a new take - drag a new clip with a right mouse button on the second event and choose Add as Take in the popup menu.