Logarist Color Correction for Vegas Pro

balazer wrote on 1/1/2017, 1:36 PM

Logarist is a color correction system for video editors.  Logarist enables the same types of corrections that you can achieve using raw images in Adobe Lightroom, but without the need to shoot in raw, and right inside Vegas Pro.  Logarist uses look-up tables (LUTs) to transform your camera's video into a color space optimized for exposure compensation, white balance correction, and contrast adjustment, and then renders it for display on a standard computer or HDTV monitor.  Logarist makes basic color correction easy and accurate, and enables advanced corrections that are difficult or impossible in standard camera color spaces.  Logarist is free, and you can download it from http://www.logarist.com/ .

Logarist works in Vegas Pro 13 and 14 using the VisionColor LUT Plugin.

Watch the Logarist introduction and demo/tutorial video on YouTube:

Logarist supports these camera color spaces:

  • BT.709

  • Canon EOS Neutral

  • Canon Log 1/2/3

  • Fujifilm F-Log

  • GoPro Protune

  • JVC J-Log1

  • Panasonic GH2 Standard

  • Panasonic GH4 Cinelike D

  • Panasonic GH4 V-Log L

  • Panasonic VariCam V-Log

  • Sony Cine1 (HyperGamma 4)

  • Sony Cine2 (HyperGamma 2)

  • Sony S-Log1/2/3


Wolfgang S. wrote on 1/2/2017, 1:22 AM

That sounds great. My major question is about performance with UHD footage, since I know that the LUT plugin shows a poor playback performance only. And here it has to be used two times. But for sure I will test that.

balazer wrote on 1/2/2017, 1:55 AM

Yes, playback performance can be an issue when you have plug-ins loaded. I can suggest the following tips for improving playback performance:

  • Reduce the preview resolution to Half or Quarter
  • Create proxies for your videos, and then set the preview quality to Draft or Preview
  • Do your color correction last, after you finish editing
  • Disable or bypass FX when you don't need them
Wolfgang S. wrote on 1/2/2017, 2:22 AM

Sure, I know all those tricks but I am not sure this time if it will be enough. With the proxy workflow maybe.

Is it possible to use other LUT plugins? looks3/4 for example, or Hitfilm, which are better in the playback performance?

There is also the alternative to use those plugins in the 8bit mode only; edit the footage, use LUTs correct luminance and chrominance; and switch Before the render process to 32bit floating point only. I wonder if we would loose here anything compared to your workflow?

But as said, thank you very much to share that again with the community for free. Highly appreciated! It is good to have the choice!

balazer wrote on 1/2/2017, 2:48 AM

Logarist for Vegas Pro was developed specifically for the VisionColor LUT Plugin. I would need to test the other plug-ins to see how they behave. LUT plug-ins all have different capabilities and few of them fully support the CUBE format.

Logarist requires 32-bit floating point (full range) mode. If you switch to 8-bit mode, the colors and levels won't be right. It's fine to edit and preview in 8-bit mode, but you need to switch to 32-bit mode for color correction and rendering.

Wolfgang S. wrote on 1/2/2017, 9:06 AM

I will test Logarist with my 8core system when I am back home. Your systems have been great in the past. Keen to see how it works!