Look irvin...

Olaf_Prot wrote on 5/30/2000, 1:23 AM
For starters people aren't pissed off at you for your
statements people are pissed because you've insulted
everyone and generally made an ass of yourself by spouting
off as if you're the heaven sent authority of truth and
we're all a bunch of imbeciles. Say what you will but
please stop being such a pompous cock about it. A little
tact goes a long way.

Sync works fine in 1.0b and is even better in 2.0 provided
you have hardware capable of feeding Vegas MTC (if you read
the nuendo docs they say the exact same frickin thing).
Nuendo syncs to MTC!!!!! HARDWARE handles the various
conversions. Charles, myself, and others are syncing Vegas
and getting work done so you can't say it doesn't sync. It
does and we're doing it! You can't sync PT without a sync
interface (SMPTE Slave Driver, etc...), you can't sync a
piece of 2 inch w/out a synchronizer (lynx, etc..)and you
can't sync Vegas OR Nuendo w/out something that generates

In 2.0 you can put any Direct FX (XFX OR 3rd party) on a
track. Just like Nuendo. You don't have to buy Sonic
Foundrys XFX but you do have to buy something (I don't
recall WAVES plugins being free).

Monitoring is just fine and I've not experienced ANY Latency
issues between Vegas and my DSPF. Nuendo has the advantage
of dedicated hardware straight from Steinberg (hope you like
it). We'll see what happens when people start trying out
third party cards of all sorts and makes. You've only ever
listed ONE software/hardware config that you say works so
here's my ONE....Vegas and DSPF works fine no troubles ever
for any reason, no latency, drift, glitches, pops, crackles,
or anything else has ever given me issues.

Vegas works great as a stand alone Multi Tracker been using
it as such for 7 months now and haven't had any problems
that weren't easily dealt with. Even in PT equipped studios
they usually track on the Studers and then transfer, not
cause they have to, but cause thats how they like to work.
Many people are tracking on their ADATS and DA-88's because
they already have them tweaked and ready to go, not because
Vegas can't. Not to mention that 24 or more I/O's of any
format for a DAW is still expensive as hell. If you've got
the tracks on 88's, use them.

Please drop the "I know you are but what am I" defense that
we all ceased using in elemetary school. You can't continue
to refute people who are getting Vegas to do everything you
say it can't. Yes some people are having troubles that's
why there's a forum, so those that know what to do can help
those that don't. I know MANY people who can't sync a PT
rig to save their life, they simply don't know what menus to
pull down and what buttons to push, nothing more. You cannot
infer that PT doesn't sync from that, any more than you can
infer that Vegas doesn't.

Lastly...I own Vegas!! I don't own or plan to own Nuendo!
I'm sure it's peachy but this is the Vegas forum and guess
what....we all use Vegas and will probably continue to do
so. Stop the shameless plugging please (if you read your
registration agreement you already agreed not to plug).


User-3156 wrote on 5/30/2000, 8:51 AM

Andrew Linhart wrote:
>>For starters people aren't pissed off at you for your
>>statements people are pissed because you've insulted
>>everyone and generally made an ass of yourself by spouting
>>off as if you're the heaven sent authority of truth and
>>we're all a bunch of imbeciles...

Why are you so angry, Andy? It's no good for the heart...
Being "pissed off" at me is totally useless, as you can FEEL.

Are you a total imbecile? I can't tell. I don't know you enough.

Stay in sync, Andy.