Looking for owners of previous Vegas Pro Suite (or Vegas Pro + Ignite)

TTTT wrote on 9/8/2019, 5:38 AM

Names: Hitfilm Pro plug-ins was a plug-in suite developed by FxHome. At some point, FxHome released their own video editing software which was named HitFilm Pro and the plug-in suite was renamed Ignite Pro. But when the plug-ins work fine, the new plug-ins just replace the old plug-ins, it seem no breaking is change due to the name change.

Further here, when I wite Hitfilm, it stands for the HitFilm Pro 3 plug-ins, when I write Ignite, it stand for Ignite Pro from 2 to 4 plug-ins)

Not known issue: Please also note that is a different issue that the "know issues": "[VP17+] FXHome FX from Ignite Pro 4.0 and earlier, Ignite Express, Hitfilm Movie Essentials and Hitfilm Boost Pack do not appear." as this is about some plug-ins and not whole collections and is not limited to VP17 but also older versions.


For some time, Vegas Pro Suite package was provides with HitFilm/Ignite complete collection license. (Though Vegas non-Suite also came with a small selection of HitFilm plug-ins called something like Hitfilm Essentials, which made some users miss the fact that they had also received a full license in the e-mails containing all the license keys.)


The problems

For years, I have been using HitFilm Pro 3 because they were working just fine, I was afraid of breaking change caused by the name, and overall I didn’t want to take the time to interrupt my editing flow.

During the Vegas 16 era, I decided to give a try to Ignite Pro 4, and when I opened a project with it the first time, it felt like everything was breaking.

I first though it was the name change but it was not.

I thought that it was the fact that some plug-ins existed multiple times, but it was not.


- At first launch of Vegas with plug-ins installed, during the splash screen, I need to click approximately 117 error messages saying that some crashed.

- After many tests, it seems that those ~117 error messages actually match the plug-in that will actually be working.

- The real big problem: 8 plug-ins are not showing up in Vegas plug-in list at all. I do not remember the names of each one but I always looks for "HitFilm/Ignite Color Temperature" and "HitFilm/Ignite Cine Style", I will complete the list if I found it back.


Attempts at solving

At some point I posted this topic: https://www.vegascreativesoftware.info/us/forum/confused-about-hitfilm-plug-ins-and-where-are-some-of-my-plug-in--114662/ which didn’t bring any solution.

I have been in discussion for month with FxHome’s supports, it seems they really tried to look into it but could never reproduce the bug. They provided me a special version of their plug-in suite with some extra logging tool in it, but that did give them further insights.  They eventually offered me refund but that wouldn’t help me much.

I’ve been in contact with Magix supports, but they have rather been quick to send me back to FxHome’s support.

For this reason, I am still using HitFilm Pro 3 and Vegas 16

Meanwhile Vegas 17 came out, apparently not including Ignite Pro in Vegas Suite anymore. Nonetheless, plug-ins should keep working.

Problem here: HitFilm Pro 3 plug-ins are not recognized at all by Vegas 17 anymore. But Ignite Pro 4 still come with broken/invisible plug-ins.

Hence, I can’t update Hitfilm/Ignite and I can’t update to Vegas 17.


I have been thinking of going to other softwares, but I must admit that my current editing style and context is addicted and dependent on the very handy pan/crop/zoom/rotate tool that is included in Vegas and when I try or look at other software, they just get that part so wrong that I can’t even think of it. (I remember trying to edit something on someone’s Premiere Pro this summer and saying something like "Omg, I feel like that software is not fit for video editing…" because many things I would have done in seconds in Vegas took like tenths of minutes there due to lack of ergonomy.)
That would also mean to break compatility with all of my previous projects,re-do re-usable parts like titles etc.


I have still been in contact with FxHome following the release of Vegas 17.

I’ve also done some further tests.

First, tried Ignite Pro plug-ins with Natron (I picked Natron randomly because it’s free and supports OFX plug-ins).

There things were a bit different, on 9 years old laptop when GPU didn’t support the plug-ins, I had no crash and I could see them all, simply getting a message that they were not compatible with hardware. On more recent computers, all plug-ins were actually listed, but those that were not listed in Vegas actually crashed Natron when trying to use them.

Secondly, I tried Ignite Pro (including the very latest version) on more of my computer:


9 months old, Win 10 Pro, Threadripped 2950X, GTX 1080Ti: Plug-ins fail/missing

4 years old, Win 10 Pro, I7 6700K, GTX 980: Plug-ins fail/missing

8 years old, Win 7 "Pro", I7 950, GTX 660 TI: Plug-ins are listed and work! Even when accidentally being installed multiple times.

I noticed that the same problems happen on two recent computer with unrelated hardwares and running Windows 10 Pro but works on an old computer running Win 7.
My feeling about this is that there is some incompatibility somewhere between Ignite Pro plug-ins, Windows 10 and Nvidia drivers/hardware.


Following this, FxHome asked me to send DxDiag of all three computers along with list of all installed softwares. Which I did.

But there conclusions was that this gave them no further insights and they offered me a refund, which I’m still not interested in.


One things they say is that that they do not get other feedbacks of users getting the same troubles.

I’m thinking that maybe there are not many users who are trying to jump from HitFilm Pro to Ignite Pro 4 and maybe recent users of Ignite Pro didn’t even realise that plug-ins are missing.


What I would like you to check and do

So I would like to know, if you are using Vegas with Ignite Pro plug-ins, and preferably if you are running Windows 10 on recent hardware, if you do have plug-ins "Ignite Color Temperature", "Ignite Cine Style" or if they are missing for you too.

If they are missing for you too, it would be nice if you could a DxDiag report to FxHome support so that they have further matter to investigate the issues. (To run DxDiag: In Windows, select Start and enter dxdiag into the search box on the taskbar. Select dxdiag from the results.)


Dexcon wrote on 9/8/2019, 5:53 AM

Ignite Pro 3 in VP16 b424 (W10 right up-to-date) - both Ignite Color Temp and Cine Style appear in the Video FX window.

Unfortunately, Ignite 3 doesn't appear at all in VP17. Version 4.1 is needed for VP17 compatibility.

TTTT wrote on 9/8/2019, 6:02 AM

Thank you, I haven't actually tested with Ignite Pro 3 but I tested with the oldest possible version of Ignite Pro 2 and had the same problem as with Ignite Pro 4.

TTTT wrote on 9/10/2019, 10:05 AM

Ignite Pro 3 in VP16 b424 (W10 right up-to-date) - both Ignite Color Temp and Cine Style appear in the Video FX window.

Unfortunately, Ignite 3 doesn't appear at all in VP17. Version 4.1 is needed for VP17 compatibility.

What GPU are you using? And Win10 Pro or Home edition?

Stivi wrote on 9/10/2019, 2:28 PM


no problem for me

VP 16 Suite - W10 Home - Z270 - I7 7700K - 32 Go - NVidia GTX 1080 TI

all this up to date


  • PC Windows 10 Famille ‎(X64)‎ Version 1903
  • Intel Core i7 7700K 8 Processeurs Cadencé à 4.20 GHz
  • 32 Go de mémoire totale DDR4 G.SKILL
  • NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1080 Ti (NVIDIA Studio Drivers 431.86)
  • SSD 500 Go + 2 x 2 To HDD + BD/RE
  • Vegas Pro 16 Suite (build 424)
  • SoundForge Audio Studio 10 (build 252)
  • ACID Music Studio 10 (build 162)
  • Vidéo : Sony FDR-AXP33 (4K) => 25p => 60 Mbps => XAVC S 4K
  • Photo : Canon SX 60 HS + Sony RX 100 IV

Avant Végas Pro 16 :

  • Pinnacle Studio 10 (super en SD), 14 HD (super en SD mais nul en HD), 17 (crash à répétition)
  • Adobe Première 9 (1 crash en 1 an mais 1 mois de montage perdu, toutes les sauvegardes HS)
  • Magix Video Deluxe 2014 (trop de menus, sous-menu, sous-sous-menu)
  • Sony Movie Studio 13 (le début du bonheur), Sony Végas Pro 13, Végas Pro 14
TTTT wrote on 9/10/2019, 2:35 PM

Thank you.

I'm really wondering how I get the problem on two computers with unrelated configurations, bought 4 years from each other...

Dexcon wrote on 9/10/2019, 6:32 PM


What GPU are you using? And Win10 Pro or Home edition?

AMD RX470 (latest sw) and Windows 10 Pro (latest build/updates/etc)