Looking for some help

Eldon wrote on 3/2/2000, 10:38 AM
I'm a missionary working in Bolivia. I run a radio station
(Radio Mosoj Chaski) for the Quechuas of Bolivia. It is a
SW station with almost all new equipment. We've been on the
air for about 10 months.

In addition to the radio end of things - we also run a music
recording studio - to produce Quechua music. We were
advised to purchase Vegas Pro. We have VERY limited
experience in this - although we are up and recording.

I'm looking for someone who also uses Vegas Pro - to whom I
could turn with questions. I'm sure our questions are of
the most basic nature - I'm just not finding the kind of
help we need. Again, we are hardly literate in this field.
If there is an individual who speaks Spanish - that would be
GREAT. Anyone speaking Quechua would be WONDERFUL!! My
desire would be to work with just one person so they could
get to know us and advise us over time.



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