Rednroll wrote on 1/20/2001, 2:47 PM
If you're using Vegas 2.0b, goto "Options", "Preferences"
Menu. Select the Tab "Editing". Put a check in the box
"Enable Looping on Events by default" or if you don't want
looping enabled on every event, then you can right click on
your loop, select "properties" from the menu and then put a
check in the "loop" box. Now when you drag on the right
edge of an event it will automatically loop the event, just
like Acid does. Or you can do a copy of a loop, and then
goto the "edit" menu and select the "Paste Repeat" menu and
tell it how many times you want the loop to repeat. I
don't think Vegas Pro 1.0b has the automatic loop features,
but it does have the "paste repeat" function. Vegas
doesn't have the ability or adding a master tempo and key
signature like Acid, so it won't automatically time flex
loops for you. You can hold the "Cntrl" drag on an event
and it will timeflex for you, so you can speed it up or
slow it down, so it is possible to get loops to loop in
time with each other. It just takes a little more
patience, but I'm sure SF does this, because they want you
to purchase Acid for it's looping ability, and Vegas for
it's editing and mixing ability. If you are fortunate
enough like me to have both, then life is good.

Guy Roland wrote:
>>I've been trying to get individual tracks (30+) to loop
>>their own, individually, simaltaneously. The tracks are
>>short ( >>there some way, short of laying out repeated versions on
>>each track, to allow all the tracks to loop on their own,
>>regardless of their (non-)corresponding length?
georgeski wrote on 1/20/2001, 8:15 PM
Hi David,
Before I upgraded to NT 5 (Win 2K) on NT 4 S.P. 6 worked
well for DAW apps. 3 was the big change, but 6 rounded the
whole package out.

David W. Ruby wrote:
>>I believe it is 3 isn't it?
>>4 or 5 is a bad one for audio.
karlc wrote on 1/21/2001, 1:58 PM
In my experience Win2K Pro (not Server) was a lot better
than NT4 ... with any service pack.


KAC ...

David W. Ruby wrote:
>>I believe it is 3 isn't it?
>>4 or 5 is a bad one for audio.
WWWhatsup wrote on 1/31/2001, 8:46 PM
darrell: it sounds to me like you are rendering
to uncompressed video.

when rendering, makes sure to set to DV NTSC and not
project default,

If you haven't done, upgrade your V-V to 2.0b and get
the mpeg plug-in.

darrell mcindoe wrote:
>>My avis that i capture from my DV camera are like 200 MB for only a 30sec -1min file. I'm
>>what i am doing wrong. Also, the rendered AVIs that i make from my .veg files are pretty large and
>>they don't playback very well in Media Player.
>>Help would be appriciated. Thanks
>>ps - Can you get anything that will let you save to mpeg layer 1?