Lost audio

jayb wrote on 11/24/2003, 11:11 AM
V V 4.02d (build 205)
Everything's been working perfectly, then suddenly when I begin a new project, the audio tracks show on the timeline, but there's no sound when played back. This doesn't happen with previous veg files, only new projects. I toggled the Mute Audio switch, but no difference. I've compared all the preferences I can think of between the existing vegs and a new one, and even took an old veg file, deleted the tracks, and checked the properties box to start all new projects with these settings, but to no avail. I even opened a newly recorded track on a new project veg (that showed audio, but was silent) into Sound Forge 6, and it played!
Is there some setting I'm missing when starting a new VV4 session?
Thanks for any help.


Sparrow wrote on 11/26/2003, 5:21 AM
It is a good idea to make a master in and out file for VEGAS, since there are
so many ways to see and hear the audio. The setting for "start each project
with these properties, seems to have a mind of it's own. You did the right
thing by deleting the files in a job that played before and trying to see if the
job that played before would play in an old form that works. If you use Motu,
it likes to take vacations from Windows XP also. Does the main stereo mix
buss work? Will the Vegas Audio play...did Windows SP take over?

If you repeat all of your steps that you used the first time, in a new file,
does the sound come back?

We are all having these problems, hope I helped!


also, one of the Vegas files could be corrupt?
pwppch wrote on 11/26/2003, 6:45 PM
Do the Mixer's meters move when you play? If so, then it is a hardware routing issue.

What is your default for Audio Devices? Make sure it points to a real device.

jayb wrote on 11/30/2003, 11:51 AM
I'm using Echo Layla with WIN XP Pro (got rid of Motu2408II; total headache with Win 98, and no update for WIN XP). I also reinstalled V V 4.0d with no different results. The meters do move when audio is played.
But after much searching, I believe I found the problem:
On the Master Track: right-clicked on playback device selector and it was set to Layla 3/4, as was the Options/preferences/Audio Device. No idea how this suddenly happened after months of perfect operation? ? Nothing has ever been plugged into the Layla 3/4 connectors.
I reset the Audio Device to Layla 1/2, which in turn set the Master Track playback device selector to Layla 1/2, chose start all new projects with these settings, and it seems to be working properly. No idea what caused this to change, but if it happens again, at least I know where to look.
Thank you for your responses in this forum,
pwppch wrote on 12/1/2003, 10:18 PM
This can happen if the device/port become unavailable. The Layla drivers can disable individual ports on error conditions. (This can happen very easily with ASIO drivers as most ASIO drivers do not recover well from errors.)

What then happens is that Vegas can't find the default port, and updates its internal prefs to point to a legal port. Once you exit, that found port becomes the default. Even if you reboot your system to recover the lost Layla port, Vegas has a new default.

Note: Layla is not the only card this can happen with, I am just using it as an example.