Lost Audio Track on CD Burn

Wiese wrote on 1/25/2005, 7:32 AM
Created a DVD movie project in Vegas Movie Studio. Previewed fine with both audio and video. Project was opened in DVD Architect for buring. There was no audio on the preview in Architect and subsequently, no audio track on the final burn. Can anyone help with info on how to keep the audio from being lost? thank you.


leftpeg wrote on 1/25/2005, 9:44 AM
I think you are in the wrong forum, check the threads in the Movie Studio/Video Factory forum. I'm pretty sure this topic was covered there a little while back. Same thing happened to me, but I can't remember what I did to fix it now. But I do remember that you could just render the audio again and save yourself from having to render the video twice.

I found the topic, but for some reason I can't paste it into the box. Do a search on my user name and you should find it.