Loud bursts of static from sound added to timeline

jonathan-kenefec wrote on 7/4/2018, 4:23 PM


For some months I've been troubled by loud bursts of static at random points. A previously fine piece of audio will, for no apparent reason, burst static into my headphones. It's really annoying besides ruining the project.

It's usually been fixed by turning the whole PC off and on again.

However, I now have a project which whenever I add a soundtrack it randomly adds loud bursts of static, including when I render the file. The source audio itself is just fine, as played in other applications. This is driving me crazy - any ideas?



Vegas Pro 15 (build 361).

Windows 10 latest build.

PC more than up to the job.


jonathan-kenefec wrote on 7/4/2018, 5:49 PM

Okay that's bizarre.

I took the exact same source file and laid it into a new project on its lonesome on one track. I saved it, then inserted that into the original project i.e. one project nested inside the other. But using the same audio file.

This time it rendered okay. No static.

Can I have the last two hours of my life back please?



Josh-Clausen wrote on 5/4/2020, 12:13 PM

Time to necro this post :) I'm not finding very much on this topic, so I wanted too add to a post that seemed to most resemble what I've been experiencing.

This has happened on two different computers. It's very rare, and I can't figure out anything consistent about when it happens. Different points in audio clips (not, like, always at the beginning). It's like white noise for .5 seconds. The static burst is shocking when it happens. It's not anything in the original audio. You don't see it in the waveform. It seems to remain at the same point in the audio clip until you do something like copy-paste it (the copied clip doesn't seem to have the static burst). I don't think the static gets rendered out in the end, but the situation is inconsistent enough that I wouldn't rule it out as a possibility.

Machines are gaming laptops running the latest versions of Windows 10. Plenty of RAM, SSDs for all storage.