MAGIC reply to emails after 3 months

peterh337 wrote on 10/19/2016, 2:40 AM

I have just received a reply to an email I sent them on 10th July!

Thank you for your message.

We can sync to MIDI time code and the track timeline can be viewed in SMPTE,
however we cannot sync to SMPTE timecode. 

Thank you for contacting Magix Support.

Best regards,
*** ***

MAGIX Software GmbH



10/07/2016 20:10 - Peter wrote: I would like to use the timecode in the video
to position video clips
on the timeline.

Then I would like to use the timecode in the audio to position audio
clips on the timeline, but only where there is video present.


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SphinxRa40 wrote on 10/19/2016, 3:45 AM

Well... that is a bit long yes, but i think it's better to be glad you get a reply, maybe they are replying the older question now and going up-to-date, as MAGIX VP team where last months very busy with the, don't get me wrong i still think the communication past months and the uprade issue etc. was not a smart move of MAGIX, so i still stick to my lovely VP13, but at some point you have to look at both sides and let it go all.

VEGAS_EricD wrote on 10/19/2016, 8:47 AM

This was an ongoing conversation which did not wait anywhere near three months for a first response.