MainConcept MPEG-2 burned for DVD A crashes DVD A

Houston Haynes wrote on 8/17/2008, 10:34 PM
Hey folks, I'm having a problem with a garden variety DVD pass, and was hoping there was something obvious that I missed.

So I'm doing a one-shot DVD using a 17-minute-plus short film playing back an AC-3 file (rendered in Nuendo). When I try to import the video file (with no audio) I get an error and a crash - this with a file that was rendered to the MainConcept MPEG-2 file specifically for rendering in DVD A. However, if I import the original 1080p h.264 file - DVD A accepts the file without a blink - it's just that it takes half an hour to encode the file in DVD A before it bakes the disc.

Does anyone have any idea how to get around this issue? Is there a "magic" set of settings for the MPEG-2 profile for DVD A that *won't* cause a crash?



TGS wrote on 8/17/2008, 11:44 PM
I'll take a quick stab, but I don't work with HDV, so you may want to wait for another answer. Make the mpeg2 in Vegas and make the ac3 in Vegas and import them into DVD-A. There are templates in Vegas for both mpeg2 and ac3 that can be tweaked, but you may need others to help you with that.
Render each separately, but place both in the same folder.
In DVD-A, import the mpeg2 and as long as the ac3 has the same title as the mpeg except for the extension, they will both be imported.
farss wrote on 8/18/2008, 12:16 AM
Which version of DVDA?
I'm still using 4.5 and not having a problem.
No matter which mpeg-2 template you used out of Vegas it shouldn't crash DVDA, if you get the settings badly wrong DVDA will tell you it needs to re-encode it which isn't good but still not crash worthy.
As it crashes when you try to import the mpeg-2 file it could be due to some codec confusion, has this all been working fine up until now?

How long are the paths to the files and do they include any unusual characters?

Really grasping at straws here, in the end a re-install might be worth a try.

Houston Haynes wrote on 8/18/2008, 7:21 AM
Thanks for the stabs guys. This isn't an AC-3 rendering issue. This is a video import issue. I'll revert to DVDA 4.5 and will give that a try.
PeterWright wrote on 8/18/2008, 7:35 AM
Before you can be sure, have you tried rendering the AC-3 in Vegas and seeing if it makes a difference?

This crash you're getting is most unusual in any version of DVDA, including the latest.
Houston Haynes wrote on 8/20/2008, 7:03 AM
Wow. OK - this was *not* about rendering an AC-3 file.

This was about importing an MPEG-2 file that was rendered in Vegas 8 (using the Main Concept profile for DVD A) *INTO* DVD Architect 5

I reinstalled both Vegas 8 *and* DVD A and like magic everything works again.

This was not - I repeat - *NOT* about AC-3 encoding...