Make Movie Wizard imposes limitations?

wvg wrote on 7/24/2001, 3:01 PM
In version one you could use a Video CD NTSC template and create a video for later burning to a CD playable on a DVD player. It seems version two allows you to burn this format directly to a CD, however I haven't found a way to render a Video CD NTSC file in the required MPEG-1 350 x 240 frame size directly to my hard drive for later burning using other burning software.

The options in Video Factory Two seem to be limited to either making a video CD from the Make Movie Wizard or if you want to make a MPEG and store it on your hard drive your only choices seem to be either DVD format or the default MPG template neither of which I want or would be suitable for later CD burning with my CD burning software.

While many nice things have been added to version two, it seems many nice things in version one are now disabled! Another item missing is the frame count as a file is being rendered. You could watch a smooth playback of your video as it was being rendered, now even on my very fast PC the playback is very slow in all MPEG or AVI formats, where both were fine in version one of VF. For example rendering just a 15 second AVI uncompressed file, default template took over nine minutes. In version one of VF the same file took only 40 seconds and the playback was very smooth. Now it takes forever and the playback is a very slow, jerky affair.


SonyEPM wrote on 7/24/2001, 3:08 PM
You can easily burn MPEG to a hard disk: Make "Movie/Write your movie to file on disk (button)/advanced"- this gives you the exact render options as before.

Also, rendering speed has not changed. Apples to apples, render times for uncompressed avi are identical and we extensively vrified this in our tests prior to release. Maybe your source media or output settings changed- that could easily account for a difference in render times.