making my footage go backwards

theigloo wrote on 3/30/2001, 2:25 AM

I open a clip in the trimmer, say a 1 minute long litte
jobby, and then add the middle 30 seconds to track 1.

Then I douple click the 30 second clip to make it a loop
region. I right click it and then choose 'add velocity
envelope'. I take the line and move it down so that the
speed is BELOW 0%. It goes backwards. Let's say I put it
at -50%. What I notice, and the tutorial points out but
does not address, is that the length of the clip has not
changed. It's still 30 seconds. Shouldn't it have doubled
since I made it play at half speed? The problem with
this 'feature' is that I carefully selected those 30
seconds of footage. After adding the velocity envelope, I
have 30 seconds of backwards and slow footage, but it's not
the original 30 seconds I chose. Can someone explain why
it doesn't just make the sucker go backwards and be twice
as long?

One thing I did notice is that as I move the velocity
envelope down below 0%, I see these little white markers
cruise by on the video track. What are they trying to
signify? The get closer together as you make the speed
slower... shouldn't they get further? It's making me crazy
and I keep eating corn chips.

The velocity envelope is the only way to make stuff go
backwards... so how can I accuratly choose a chunck of
footage to do that with?

Thanks in advance,



malden7794 wrote on 3/30/2001, 11:46 AM
I believe that you have to stretch the video track out to
make up for the added time (by grabbing the edge of the
track and extracting). It will not do that auotmatically.
I could be wrong, but that is my experience.

hope that helps.
SonyEPM wrote on 3/30/2001, 12:12 PM
The event is just a window to a portion of a media file,
and the velocity envelope applies to the media, not the
event. So:

1) create an event that shows, at normal speed, only the
part of the media you want to work with.

2) Render that event to a new track. Media outside the
original event's edges is not present in this new file.
Apply your velocity envelope to this new event and you
won't have your old problem.