Making project into .wavs without buring first

scottshackrock wrote on 11/23/2004, 5:10 PM
I have my project all set up in CD Architect. It's all 24-bit, 44.1.
I know that I can SAVE AS... then go to ".wav" and it'll make one 16-bit wav of the whole project (ready for a burn to CD, with track markers inserted already, etc. etc.).

HOWEVER, Can CD architect split each track up into a READY TO BURN wav (16-bit, 44.1)? So instead of one big wav with track markers, I'd have as many wavs as there are tracks?

Or is the only way to do this buy first burning a CD, then extracting the audio from the CD or something?? I don't like to do that for several reasons, mostly because burnt CDs are quite likely to contain an audio glitch somewhere from that proccess.

Any ideas?


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