klt wrote on 2/12/2019, 1:07 AM

Vegasaur has Text generation wizard, and it can import subtitles. I used it only once in my life, and then it worked well. @jetdv will tell you if Excalibur has a similar feature?

Jason-Pollard wrote on 2/12/2019, 1:24 AM

Thanks. From what I've seen you need an srt file in order to create the subtiles...not sure what that is tho.

klt wrote on 2/12/2019, 1:28 AM

No problem if you have the subtitles in any format. Subtitle edit can load anything AFAIK and can save to anything it supports. So if you need .srt, but have .ass format, just load in SE, and save it to the other format. May be change character encoding if you subtitles are from other platform, I got that time as UTF8 and had to change it to Windows1250 if I remember correctly...

Former user wrote on 2/12/2019, 5:03 AM

Vegasaur Text Generation Wizard It has everything you need and more.

jetdv wrote on 2/12/2019, 10:51 AM

Excalibur can create the text but it will pull the text from regions on the timeline. It does not import from an external file.

Jason-Pollard wrote on 2/12/2019, 11:33 PM

Thanks everyone. Im not sure how to make an srt file in general but I'll figure it out.

klt wrote on 2/13/2019, 12:18 AM

Or if it's easyer (if you have the text written somewhere) you can also trick it into a plain text, then import to SubtitleEdit.

The rest is the same as above 😉

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Martin L wrote on 2/13/2019, 2:23 AM

Can this method create subtitles with other fonts and a black bar/frame? Can it handle the swedish characters å. ä and ö?

klt wrote on 2/13/2019, 2:30 AM

@Martin L

Yes, I'm sure it's possible.

I'm hungarian and also used our "special" characters in the past, like é,á,ő,ű ö ü ú ó.

When exporting from subtitle edit choose the right encoding, for my language windows-1250 works.

Regarding how it will look in Vegas, it's a text preset. Vegasaur will create the text event based on that preset you choose, so I think there's virtually no limit using colors, backgrounds, placement etc.

Just experiment with all the tweaks!