making wave files wrote on 12/21/2010, 3:23 PM
I have 4.0e version of cd arcitect. I need to burn the files to a CD and have wave files because my Bravo duplicator will not recognize cda files. I know my late husband somehow did it but I cannot figure it out. Thanks in advance for the help.

ps. I thought I had already posted this but am not very hip with forums.


Steven Myers wrote on 12/21/2010, 5:44 PM
Yes, you have already posted this.

1. It's unwise to use your email address as your forum user name.
2. You need to explain a few things about your question:
What is the are the files you want to burn with CD Architect? Are they .wav files on your hard drive? Are they songs on a CD?

The .cda files contain no audio. They just "point" to the audio. This is why CDArchitect won't accept them for burning. wrote on 12/24/2010, 9:34 AM
Thank you for the advice about my email address. I have never used forums but am very frustrated.

The files have been mastered in Sound Forge and are wav files. When I move them into cd architect and then ask it to burn a cd, they come out cda files. My Bravo (a CD duplicator that duplicates a stack of 25 at a time) will not accept cda files. My late husband would master the files and burn a master for me with wav files in cd architect (I think). I would then design covers and faces and duplicate the cd's.

Now I cannot get a master in wav files from cd architect. Maybe he used a different program ... or is there a way to get wav files as the end result from cd architect?

I hope this is clearer. Thank you in advance.

Chienworks wrote on 12/24/2010, 1:05 PM
CD Architect will only produce an AudioCD, which looks like a disc full of .cda files. There's no other option you can do with it. However, i'm pretty sure this is what you want to do, assuming you're making CDs that people can play in their CD players in home stereos, portable stereos, car stereos, etc. If you make a CD full of .wav files then it won't play in audio CD players.

If you're using the Bravo to duplicate discs then it will duplicate an AudioCD. It won't require any particular format; it will simply read your original AudioCD and make identical copies of it. How are you telling the Bravo to make the duplicates? I've never used one, but i would imagine there's an initial pass in which you feed it the original CD, then tell it to burn X number of copies of it. There shouldn't ever be any possibility of it telling you it doesn't like what files are on the original disc. If it's telling you that then we need to find out what you're doing wrong and have you start it the correct way.
Chienworks wrote on 12/24/2010, 5:26 PM
OK, after reading a ton of literature on the Bravo, i think i see what's going on. The Bravo's software has the ability to author the AudioCD for you before burning. This would require .wav files. However, you're already doing that in CDArchitect.

What you need to look for in the Bravo software is an option to simply copy a disc, without authoring. It will then ask you to insert your original CD and it will read it a a complete, finished disc and merely make image copies of it.