ibliss wrote on 1/15/2003, 5:59 AM
A lot of us are expecting this in version 4 of Vegas, based on the way that Acid 4 already has this feature.
PipelineAudio wrote on 1/15/2003, 11:58 AM
keep your fingers crossed! this will kick ass
hopefully this bolume will be POST the FX insert for the buss!!! not PRE fader as it is now
Nat wrote on 1/15/2003, 11:58 AM
In acid you can have an automation track for the master bus as well as other busses present in the project which is really nice. In Acid 4 you can also automate every plugin parameter which is pretty nice,

let's hope it makes it in Vegas..
Rednroll wrote on 1/15/2003, 1:11 PM
"not PRE fader as it is now."
You want the FX to be "Pre Fader" don't you?

Most people refer to inserts as being either "Pre-fader" or "Post fader". They don't refer to the Fader as being Pre FX or Post FX. Your terminology is a little backwards.

I would take a good guess in saying that most of ACID 4's new features will be implemented into V4, but not all.
pwppch wrote on 1/15/2003, 10:27 PM
Please, Pipe/Red, clarify this.

Currently implemented:

Track/Bus -->Bus --> insert FX --> Fader ---> Bus/Hardware assignement

This is like any hardware mixer insert that I have ever used. (I am looking at a number of signal flow diagrams as I write this for some of the mainstream small format mixers and even a large split console.)

With the assignable FX, there is an additional fader/gain stage:

Track -->Bus ---> Input Fader ---> FX ----> Output Fader----> Bus assignement

This is modeled after the typical AUX Send/Return model. The "input fader" is your consoles AUX Send fader that is fed to your external gear. The "output fader" is the return gain on the console.

Why do you want the insert on a Sub bus to be POST bus fader? This would be like routing the direct sub out of a mackie 8 bus to an FX.

PipelineAudio wrote on 1/16/2003, 3:40 AM
Right now the Buss FX are post fader, I would love to see them pre fader or at least a choice. The track FX are pre fader, which is fine by me
pwppch wrote on 1/16/2003, 10:00 AM
Doh! I keep thinking about the new audio engine. Vegas 3 is post fader. Vegas 4 will definitely be prefader as I described, like ACID 4 is.

Sorry, I get confused between old and new.

PipelineAudio wrote on 1/16/2003, 10:45 AM
Cool, problem solved! Before if you had a dynamic effect on the busses you needed to use the effect's volume to control output, which was kinda tricky, but now or soon hopefully, no problem!
pwppch wrote on 1/16/2003, 11:53 AM
Go and download the V4 beta and tell me if we got it right!

PipelineAudio wrote on 1/16/2003, 12:49 PM
woo hoo! heading over to the studio in a bit! So the volume envelopes also are POST the FX on the busses right ?
Rednroll wrote on 1/16/2003, 12:54 PM
Yes, bus Inserts are "pre-fader" in V4. This is one of the first things I looked at and verified on the first beta I tried out.
Rednroll wrote on 1/16/2003, 1:01 PM
"With the assignable FX, there is an additional fader/gain stage:

Track -->Bus ---> Input Fader ---> FX ----> Output Fader----> Bus assignement"

You got it right here Peter and the bus insert is correct in V4 also along with the master bus automation being in the correct location also. the "Input Fader" as you're referring to it here is actually the "Aux Send" and then the output fader is the "Aux Return". This one got by me in V3 beta testing because I hardly every put any FX's in my buses, but Pipeline was correct when he pointed it out that it was wrong in V3.
pwppch wrote on 1/16/2003, 1:40 PM
Correct on your name translation.