"Maybe too many"?

FPP wrote on 6/22/2016, 1:01 PM
I've had similar "errors" as @wetrock when I open a (project) that has various types of media in it from 2 or more external storage drives.. When I try and open the same project on another computer it makes me search for the individual files from ext drives and re-establish the relationship again.
When I open project again on the original computer, I have to plug the usb in the same plugs on the computer or it will make me re-establish the files with the project again.
Is there a (saving) technique other than keeping everything on one drive? Or perhaps am I just making it harder than it needs to be?
I use up to 3 computers sometimes on the same project in different locations.


VideJo wrote on 6/22/2016, 1:14 PM
Rename all external drives of all 3 machines to the same digit.
FPP wrote on 6/22/2016, 1:29 PM
Thank you..I'll give that a go.
VideJo wrote on 6/22/2016, 3:29 PM
Second thought: it will not avoid the problem, unless the whole path of all files and directiries is identical.
rmack350 wrote on 6/24/2016, 2:08 PM
What I do with my external drives is I assign drive letters starting at "Z" and working down.

The thing with removable drives is that if you let the OS assign drive letters then it'll just use the next available one. This may not be consistent from one machine to the next, especially if one has a 3-in-1 card reader and the other has a 10-in-1 reader, for example. So manually assigning your hard drives letters at the end of the alphabet gets around that problem.

VEGAS_EricD wrote on 6/24/2016, 5:17 PM
In the "save as" menu before saving your VEG file, check the box for "copy media with project" - then save. You will be asked if you want the entire media copied, or just the parts being used (with a small leader on each side). This will associate the VEG that gets saved in the folder with the media files which are copied to the same folder. The folder is then transferrable to another PC with Vegas and the VEG will open using the media carried over with it.

Hope this helps.
FPP wrote on 6/25/2016, 6:14 PM
Thank you for your input on this issue.
Just so I understand.. Saving this way for portability won't require me change anything with the paths?
This actually is the way I have been doing it but to no avail.. At least I think I've been doing it this way..
I'll jump on the main Work-station this eve and run some drills along with a second Work-station (laptop).