Media Capacity Strangeness

Martin C wrote on 2/3/2008, 1:36 PM
Oops, sorry - wrong forum!!!
Have re-posted under DVDA!

Anyone seen anything like this before, please?

Just after New Year I 'prepared' a dual-layer output of a recently completed film and started burning the production copies for sale...

Then I took three weeks of - for a holiday and to complete another film editing project.

Upon my return to burning more production copies of the earlier film, I found that DVDA (studio) staunchly declined to oblige claiming that the project was too large for the media and that I should choose large media or reduce the project size (subtext: or do neither and simply don't burn discs)

I've rebooted, tried using each of my dual-layer writers and finally had to 'prepare' a whole new image... which *IS* cheerfully burning to disc, as I write this!!!

What was wrong with the previous image - and/or what else could be causing this to happen, please?


Martin C