Mercalli transforms footage to 8-bit?

hambonio wrote on 4/15/2023, 7:38 PM

I just noticed something today. I am guessing it has always been this way? But I shoot 10-bit 4:2:2 and this particular scene needed extreme grading/level adjustment. I usually grade in 8-bit for ease - But I do make a 10-bit master copy when I am finished for archiving. When I stretch an image this much and see the banding start to clearly show up in the waveform, sometimes I like to switch to 32-bit floating point in the project properties to see how bad it really is.

When I switched the project to view the 10 bit waveform, it still looked fairly in tact. GREAT! So I move on....

Then I added Mercalli proDAD v4 to add a touch of stabilization. Now my waveform looks like I switched the project back to 8-Bit. I actually thought I did that before adding Mercalli - but I went to look at the Properties and sure enough it was still set at 32-bit.

Then I turned Mercalli off and on and noticed the waveform changing as though I was switching between 8bit and 10 bit views.

I have a video example below. I know that compression to the forum will be pretty bad - but pay attention to the waveform changes. The actual video I can see banding happen all over the overcast sky once Mercalli is added, just as though it was 8 bit footage with an extreme grade.


Yes 95% of my outputs are in 8-bit for clients and web, but I like to keep a nice 10-bit master copy of everything I do for archiving.


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