Microsoft DVCam Drivers

Swetshop wrote on 9/8/2003, 8:54 AM
Hi - I'm new to this forum. My Problem - I recently had to reinstall WindowsXP Pro on my editing station. I have a Dell Studio Bundle and the 1394 drivers loaded are Texas Instrument 1394 and DVCAM.sys. I have been unable to remove this driver and install the new MSDV.sys driver. Even after removing the hardware, application files, DVCAM drivers, and rebooting - the pesky DVCAM driver is back - NO Microsoft DVcam and VCR driver found. Dell tells me I have to reformat my hard drive and start from scratch - I need a better solution. Any "guru" out there - do you have another solution - Thanks


InterceptPoint wrote on 9/8/2003, 9:24 AM
Look in windows/inf and do a text search for dvcam.sys. You will find it in one of the .inf files. Rename this file and the associated .pnf file, delete dvcam.sys and you will find that dvcam.sys does not load.

Do a text search of windows/inf looking for with msdv.sys and see if you have an inf file that references the Microsoft dv driver. If so then if may load. Odds are it won't and you will have no connection at all to your firewire dv devices. I wish I knew why this happens but I don't. I fought the problem for over two months and finally gave up and reformatted which did solve the problem.

You mentioned hardware. What hardware did you remove?
bjtap wrote on 9/8/2003, 11:23 AM
If you are having problems with your video programs seeing your dv cam check and make sure you have avicap32.dll in your system32 folder. I just went through weeks of 'grief' bacause of this.
If this is the problem you can get the file at:
Swetshop wrote on 9/9/2003, 7:23 AM
Thanks for the Info - I have been working on this problem for a couple of days and need to move on. The hardware I was refering to was the capture card and all its associated software and drivers - I thought XP would pick ou the changes and install the right drivers - NOT A CHANCE. I'll try your suggestions - thanks.