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signworks wrote on 7/23/2008, 1:12 PM
When I transfer VHS tape to Vegas Pro 8, the video records but the audio does not. At first I transferred both through an ADVC-300 and only got video. Then I transferred only the video through the ADVC-300 and plugged the audio output directly into the line input on the computer's audio card. Still no audio. I know that the audio output is OK because I hear the audio on the computer speakers during the transfer, but it's not there when I open the file on the Vegas timeline. I'm stumped and would appreciate any suggestions.


drbam wrote on 7/23/2008, 3:54 PM
Maybe a silly question but are you arming the audio track to record? When you test the audio signal (you said that you can hear it), is the track record meter showing activity?
newhope wrote on 7/25/2008, 7:29 AM
I capture both video and audio from VHS by plugging my VHS deck into the analogue video inputs of a Sony DV deck which is connected to the PC via firewire. The ADVC-300 works in the same way converting the analogue video and audio into a digital video stream transmitted to the PC via firewire.
Use the Vidcap program in Vegas, which is invoked with the 'File/Capture Video...' menu option, to capture the VHS source material. The video and audio need to be captured via a single firewire input. The ADVC-300 should supply that if you have the analogue video and audio outputs of the VHS deck plugged into the correct audio and video inputs of the ADVC-300.

The video signal into the computer via firewire should allow you to monitor the image in the capture window and hear the sound via the computer's audio output.

Connecting the audio to the line input of the PC won't work for simultaneous video and audio capture. You can capture audio separately from the PC's line inputs onto the timeline this way but not synchronously with video.

I'd return to using the ADVC-300 and make sure you can hear the audio playing through the PC when capturing.

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jbolley wrote on 7/25/2008, 8:44 AM
a couple ideas: in the capture utility, audio menu make sure the correct audio source is selected.
within the capture utility's preferences there is a capture tab and a 'capture audio' check box that should be checked.

hope this helps,