momo wrote on 4/24/2003, 8:44 AM

Every time I think I have the balls to post some of my stuff, someone comes along and posts something like this and I always think better of it. That's the only thing I can find wrong with it. :)

Great composition, wonderful vocals, and the production sounds great on my shitty little walkman headphones I have here at work - will give it a listen tonight through the UA5 and the nice sony cans.

I gotta admit, I was reminded of the Beatles' "tomorrow never knows" at the beginning, but this certainly stands up on its own.

Great stuff, nice work!

Weevil wrote on 5/1/2003, 9:32 AM
Thanks for the encouragement mo,

It was really hoping for anyone with any technical views on the mix. I produce music; there is no way I consider myself an engineer at all. I’m trying to improve my skills and knowledge.

At the moment I’m just grabbing EQs and compressors and jiggering the controls until it sounds ‘good’...I’m wondering if some of the things I am doing are clearly ‘wrong’ or if elements of what I am doing could be greatly improved.

hugoharris wrote on 5/1/2003, 9:57 AM

Sounds fantastic to me (given the limitations of the mp3 file, etc.)! I too would like to hear opinions from more experienced ears.

By the way, was the arrangement inspired by the Chemical Brothers/Gallagher remake of "Tomorrow Never Knows", "Let Forever Be"?