"MM" wizzard VMS Pl 16 acts different depending on self made presets

j-v wrote on 3/10/2019, 5:50 AM

Theo(@3POINT) and I discovered this yesterday.
When you have no interlaced presets made, in the same projectsettings with the same interlaced file on the timeline will this give always a progressive renderresult choosing “Make Movie/Save it to your harddrive/ Mp4>>>Next.

With one self made preset present in C:\Users\username\AppData\Roaming\VEGAS\Render Templates  that output is interlaced after exactly the same choises made.

My remaining questions are
- Is this made by design?

- If yess, do I miss something in manual or helpfiles about this?


I see the same behaviour in VMS PL15.
Not in VMS PL 14, because there it is for me impossible to render through Make Movie a interlaced mp4 file in an interlace project. Everytime the program freezes although I made a preset for the Sony AVC. Rendering that way a progessive file in a progressive project gives no problem.

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