Monitor Issues With Windows 10 1607 32 bit and Vegas 11

JJKizak wrote on 1/23/2017, 8:09 AM

After much messing around with the Nvidia GT 730 and Windows 10 1607 32 bit and Vegas 11 700 monitor 2 and 1 selection with the Nvidia control panel and Vegas Pro preview selection I determined that things are sure messed up. The Nvidia control panel does not automatically size the number two monitor even thought it is the same brand and size as the number one monitor. If you try to re-size it manually it re-sizes both monitors. Tried the latest driver but the same thing happens. This also messes up the monitor selection between one and two between Vegas, Nvidia, and Windows. So what I wind up with and I can live with is monitor number one on the right with the correct sizing, monitor number two on the left oversized, and the left monitor preview on the left with number one selected in Vegas preview. Not requesting any solution just stating my state of confusion.



astar wrote on 1/23/2017, 8:52 AM

The GT730 is a really low end GPU in the 1st place, and for editing in Vegas. Vegas 11 came out years and years before Windows 10. So who knows where the issues are to blame there.

The lack of proper monitor sizing makes me think there is something wrong with the GPU or driver in windows.

The minimum GPU to work with Vegas 11 was an AMD 5770 (1300 GFLOPs). While the GT730 probably does not even support OpenCL with Vegas, and is only 600 GFLOP capable.

You could Ebay a 5770, 6970, or 7970-ghz if you are trying to nurse along an old machine. Just be sure to fully uninstall the NV drivers before inserting the new card.

What does the rest of your system spec look like?


JJKizak wrote on 1/23/2017, 11:02 AM

It' an old Gigabyte board (GA-K8N Ultra9) with an AMD  939 2 core processor and 4 gig of ram. This is one of 4 computers and the only thing I don't like to do is throw the old ones away. I saw that some other people on the forum have had issues with monitors and Windows 10/video cards so I thought I would post the problems I have with the old stuff.


ushere wrote on 1/23/2017, 9:41 PM

i HATE throwing old equipment away - instead i donate it to the local youth group - whether they bin it or not is no longer my concern, but i do get a warm feeling from having given something back to the community ;-)