Kelly_S wrote on 1/31/2000, 2:44 PM
Hello Brian!

For recording in mono you actually have to set the recording icon to
record on left (or right) instead of stereo... this is one way to do

Insert audio track
Arm it for record
After arming your track for record, an input selector icon will show
up to the left of the blinking record indicator on the track
You can click on this icon (input selector) and tell it whether you
want to record left (or right)
Generally, most mono recordings use the left channel, but in this
case, it shouldn't make too much of a difference.


Brian Franz wrote:
>>How do you Record a Mono Track? When Recording Multitracks
>>of Vocals or Voice overs I would like to be able to record
>>Mono tracks so I can save on the resources of my computer
>>by playing back Mono Tracks instead of Stereo. It seems
>>like Vegas only records in Stereo and then I have to do a
>>convert in Sound Forge.