Mosaic in DVD Playback

alastairbrown wrote on 2/11/2003, 1:52 AM
When I play back my finished DVD everything on the first scene selection menu (4buttons) plays fine. Anything on the next two scene selection menus either doesn't play or is badly affected with a mosaic type break-up of the picture.

It was burnt on a Pioneer A03 and is being played back on a Pioneer DV-343 standalone player. It was burnt using a Datasafe Gen 3 purple top DVD-R disc.

Anyone else having this problem or able to offer a solution?


alastairbrown wrote on 2/11/2003, 4:01 AM
Info I have so far on mosaic playback suggests, either too high a data rate for the player to handle (why is the start ok then?), or possible problems with the DVD-R disc itself(DVD Rot or de-lamination). Not sure either is the problem here.

This is my final hurdle, please help!
alastairbrown wrote on 2/11/2003, 1:38 PM
Problem Solved-Tried re-doing my project using a different brand media and....success!


Bad - Bulkpaq Generation 3 (r2) DVD-R