Motion Tracking Text Off set adjusting (Vegas 17)

Xiagax wrote on 10/20/2019, 12:51 AM

Often times in gaming videos I make, I will use motion tracking to follow game characters or objects with text. It's easy enough to apply a Bezier Mask and track all the necessary frames I want in a given scene. Then comes the daunting task of offsetting the text. This gets to be a pain because
A. There is no preview to see where the text will set with coordinates selected, so this gives cause for a lot of guess work

B. Even when the text offset is chosen, editing the text (often times when shrinking the font size) the text no longer sits where I'd like it to on frame. Which leads me to deleting the motion tracked text and starting over.

Is it possible after I've chosen where the text is offsetted to readjust the offset or do I just have to keep deleting the text over and over adjusting the offset through trial and error?


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