Mouse Flyover in Project Media Box

Ron-Sarfaty wrote on 3/26/2022, 9:38 AM

Does anyone know how to turn OFF the mouse flyover preview in the Project Media box in Vegas Pro/Magix 17? Whenever my mouse rolls over (or points to) any of my clips it stutters while it tries to show the video scrubber. Its annoying and slows down my work process. Thanks in advance for any help!

I'm using Windows 11 on a Dell G5 with i9-9900 processor, 32GB RAM and an NVIDIA RTX 2070 graphics card.


Selina wrote on 3/26/2022, 5:49 PM

I can't see a way to disable Project Media Hover Scrubbing - there's nothing in the help file to change this expected behaviour.

You can, of course, choose a different view such as list or you can avoid moving your mouse over the thumbnail and just move around the sub-titles and select the clips that way.

Alternatively, perhaps you can make a request that this feature be available to users to switch off should they wish. Personally I like it!

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BobN2Tech wrote on 5/22/2022, 12:09 PM

This hover scrub in the media window throws me all the time. I think I am adding the entire clip to the time line only to discover a segment was added. If no way to turn off, then how about a way to "reset" the hover scrub to start to end?

Vegas Edit 19.0 (latest build)

OS Name    Microsoft Windows 10 Pro    
Version    10.0.19042 Build 19042      
System Manufacturer    Gigabyte Technology Co., Ltd.    
System Model    H270-HD3P    
System Type    x64-based PC    
Processor    Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-7700 CPU @ 3.60GHz, 4 Core(s), 8 Logical Processor(s)    

Installed Physical Memory (RAM)    16.0 GB 

Graphics : On-board Intel(R) HD Graphics 630 

Graphics: Radeon RX 570 Graphics Card 4GB Vram

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j-v wrote on 5/22/2022, 12:56 PM

This is only when you use the view "Thumbnail".
The scrubber only exist by grabbing the file on that thumbnailscreen.
If you grab only the lower part of the thumbnail with only text there is no problem.

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jeffhar wrote on 9/30/2022, 7:44 PM

Late comment but I bumped into Vegas Pro 19 Project Media Hover Scrub recently and it did cause confusion. For anyone else coming to this issue late like me - yes either change the Project Media "Views" dropdown to List or Details, or like j-v says, click-drag on only the label text below the thumbnail to avoid the issue. There really should be a "Reset Thumbnail" option to undo accidental settings (or better, disable Hover Scrub). Currently you have to carefully click on the vertical white lines and move them to the edges to get things back to where they were.