MP4 tags: Best place for Artist and Title for BACKGROUND Music ?

Klaas-Wijchman wrote on 4/8/2020, 9:42 AM

Sorry, I’m not sure whether this is a topic for the Vegas Movie Studio Forum, but because I use that program to edit and render files into MP4 format, I’ll give it a try.

In MP4 Metadata, what is the best place to store Artist and Title for Background music ?

It is obvious that for normal music videos, one would use the standard Artist and Title tags, but I’m talking about background music for self-made videos, e.g. if I have a video of my grandson’s judo-training, and I render it and add an extra audiotrack, e.g. half-a-minute of ‘Help’ by The Beatles, or some own piano or guitarmusic, I want to document that music, but not in the standard tags, because there are quite a few viewers that only show the standard tags for Artist and Title (and even sort on them), but they then do not show the normal filename :-(

Thanks for any suggestion.