MPEG 4 codecs- again

doboyd wrote on 12/1/2001, 8:45 AM
I tried what was suggested in an earlier post, but I'm a bit unsure of the results. I can only see the Divx 4.11 codecs under custom video format, and here you can configure 4.11, but not fast or low motion. The save file type as, what should it be?? I rendered a clip using video for windows (.avi), but selected a custom template and used the divx 4.11 codec, and save dthe file as .divx. The rendered file was 75% the size of the mpeg 2 file. I then upped the bit rate and one pass high qaulity and the file was 250% the size of mpeg2. Both times quality was good, but not as good as the main actor rendered mpeg 2. I then used the fast motion divx codec, and the file is 50% of the mpeg2, but not as good quality.

Sooo, I'm not sure if I am doing this right or what results to expect. The files play in the playa, so they appear to be divx files (icon says so).

Any ideas would be great??




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