ScottW wrote on 8/1/2005, 4:42 PM
While this doesn't help, I will say that I cannot recall anyone from Sony ever discussing product futures in this forum, so if you're expecting a formal response from Sony to your question....well, please don't hold your breath.

There may be other options that will get you what you need though - frameserving (using Satish's frameserver) from Vegas to something like Nero Recode might do just what you want.

BrianStanding wrote on 8/2/2005, 9:38 AM
I'd settle just for Vegas support for the MP4 container. It's a royal pain in my derriere to have to encode to 3ivx codec AVI, then remux in Graph Edit to MP4!
dat5150 wrote on 8/2/2005, 8:58 PM
I had to remove my divx codec because Yahoo said it was adware. I'm pretty sure I got it from Dr.Divx. I'd like to see Vegas/Sony provide a solution(yes, I'll pay a little more)
B_JM wrote on 8/3/2005, 12:13 PM
you can encode to X264 (h264 open source) which has superb quality (better than QT H264) , but will be avi container also ..

but several tools to remux exist
rbi wrote on 9/24/2005, 11:05 AM
Could you recommend a few.

I barely understand the container thing; just need MPEG4 with MP3 audio to meet Google requirements.
busterkeaton wrote on 9/24/2005, 1:03 PM
that seems to be a new feature in 6.0c

I have not played with 6.0c yet, perhaps someone else can chime in. Does this answer his question?
Laurence wrote on 9/24/2005, 1:14 PM
Yeah, it's a 6c feature. Pretty cool if you ask me!
Grazie wrote on 9/24/2005, 3:13 PM
Done some MPEG4 in V6c. Played in QT7 . . kool! It really squisses the mbs . . that's a technical term.


TimTyler wrote on 9/26/2005, 10:05 AM
> just need MPEG4 with MP3 audio to meet Google requirements.

If you're talking about Google Video, I've uploaded a dozen WMV files and they've posted them all within a day.
rbi wrote on 9/28/2005, 8:27 AM
Thanks for the replies... I downloaded Vergas 6.0c, and QT7.0 (QT6 updater showed I was up to date, so this created some confusion.

Comparing WMV with MPG4 (384Kbs, 15fps, 96K audio, 1p...) the WMV is 4.3MB the MPG4 is 5.9. Looks great, but significant size diparity. You can compare at

I haven't uploaded to Google yet, but might just today.l
MH_Stevens wrote on 9/28/2005, 6:14 PM
Grazie says: "Done some MPEG4 in V6c. Played in QT7 . . kool! " I don't see a template for MPEG4 or QT7? I see a MPEG4 in the custom options and I see QT6 but nothing else. Does this mean we can now forget about Nero and h264 and frameserving?

PumiceT wrote on 12/29/2005, 8:26 AM
** I need the Cliff's Notes for this... **

Does Vegas 6.0c natively work with MPEG-4? I've tried to open MP4 files to no avail, and to enter the Firefox Ad Contest, I'll need to submit an MPEG-4 formatted video.

What do I need in order to work with MPEG-4 and Vegas 6.0c?
busterkeaton wrote on 12/29/2005, 8:52 AM
Vegas can render to mp4, but I dont' think it can import it.

I just opened an mp4 rendered from Vegas and it only opened the audio. Perhaps you have to tweak something for it to work.

Editing mp4 files will probably be at least as bad as editing mpeg-2 files in terms of quality. Since mpeg is heavily compressed across many frames, it takes a heavy hit at each stage of rendering. So mpeg4 is not really an editing format. It's a delivery format.
dat5150 wrote on 12/29/2005, 12:47 PM
I take my Casio Exlim Z750 footage and open in Windows Movie Maker, convert to win media then import to Vegas. Wish I could leave out the movie maker step, but still not able to direct import.