MPEG Plug-in Update

fawlty wrote on 3/17/2001, 8:33 PM
I am trying to install the latest MPEG Update. The download, attempts to load a file called 3rdParty.asp,
then when done, the browser setting of WINAMP.EXE starts and I get no futher. There is no self-extracting zip produced
from this download: here are the instructions:

"After you have downloaded the MPEG plug-in from the Sonic Foundry Web site, double-click the self-extracting executable
and follow the instructions to install the plug-in. "

Anyone any ideas?


fawlty wrote on 3/17/2001, 8:40 PM
Never mind. I tried it under MSIE and the download worked
fine. I guess Netscape Navigator isn't supported?
mjolk wrote on 3/28/2001, 10:56 PM
I've been trying to get the plug in but Netscape nor MSIE
is working. Is there any chance your download is in a ftp
accessible site?? Or any chance I could get it from you by
e-mail attachment perhaps??

mjolk wrote on 3/30/2001, 6:08 PM
The program serving the download was down for a while, then
up again, then down again ('til about 2 days ago, and today
it was working. As well, you might to download other
patches, if you go to the Video Factory link (as opposed to
the MPEG one)