Mpeg Rendering Quality (VV vs VideoFactory)

thomasw wrote on 3/28/2001, 5:24 AM
I have Vegas Video 2.0d and Video Factory installed. I
purchase Video Factory first so i have used the mpeg plug-
in for a while. And i found that the Mpeg Plugin in Video
Factory is better than Vegas although they are the same
Ligos Plugin.

For example,
- The template is different
- The Rendered result is better in Video Factory (even i
set to the same setting)


SonyEPM wrote on 3/28/2001, 9:25 AM
Same plug-in, should be no difference if all settings are
the same.
thomasw wrote on 3/29/2001, 3:10 PM
its template is not the same and the output quality is a
bit different too... VFactory render better mpeg1

Also, i found that if i import Mpeg1 file into VV, the
audio and video sometimes are not synchronize good... if i
play back from the beginning, it will do a good sync...
If i jump to a location and play it, then sometimes i will
see the mouth is not matching with the audio. In VFactory,
i never seen this happening, that's why i bought VV, but
it's a bit disappointed in this. Otherwise VV is excellent.