MPEG2 Audio sound level too low?

organism_seven wrote on 8/4/2002, 4:49 AM
If I render my project out as an AVI file and then play them back via a TV, the audio reproduces at the same volume level as when I am editing and testing in Vegas.
If I then render the same files as MPEG2 files and play them back via a TV the sound level seems to decrease drastically. I have to increase the volume control to full just to obtain an "average" sound level.
It is not just the TV I am using, I have tried it out on two other TV's. Same result.
I have also applied the normalise filter. Slight improvement, but not much.
I have a Soundblaster Live! card installed. Do I need to upgrade to an Audigy card?
Will this make any difference?
Any help appreciated.


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