MPG.sfl opening issues

Afenu wrote on 6/7/2010, 9:01 AM
for some reason my vegas movie studio project rendered as a MPG.sfl file -
and it wil not open in DVDA 4.5

when i locate the file on my computer I click : ( open in DVDA)
but when I open DVDA and try and open the file -
it states "this file does not exist"

then I look in my computer/documents -
three files of this project are there - 2 are .VF files and 1 is an MPG.sfl -
how do I get this to OPEN to author and burn the DVD???
need it sooooon
do I need to rerender? - hate to as it diminishes quality -


jetdv wrote on 6/7/2010, 9:22 AM
Actually, it will render as a .mpg and .mpg.sfl file. The mpg file is the actual video file. The .mpg.sfl file is the "markers" file corresponding to that mpg file. When you import the MPG file, the SFL file will be used to create the chapter points on the DVD.
Afenu wrote on 6/7/2010, 5:37 PM
thank you -
but the problem is - DVDA wont open the file ( file wont import into it )
when I look at the properties of the file - it is listed as a sfl file
I understand now about the markers - but how can I get it into DVDA in order to burn my DVD??
Chienworks wrote on 6/7/2010, 6:23 PM
Don't use the .sfl file. It's not your rendered video file. Look for the one that has only .mpg as the extension. If you've told Windows to "hide extensions for known file types" (and i don't understand why anyone would ever want this) then it's probably shown with no extension at all.
musicvid10 wrote on 6/7/2010, 11:04 PM
This is the third thread Afenu has started with exactly the same question, and the third time Afenu has received exactly the same response.
Afenu wrote on 6/8/2010, 5:09 AM
thank you -
actually I " unchecked " the hide file extensions - for some reason it was checked -

anyway - the problem is
THERE IS NO .MPG FILE - I have looked
ONLY THE .MPG.sfl ( nothing without the .sfl )

MarkWWWW wrote on 6/8/2010, 5:32 AM
The .sfl file (the markers file) would not have been created on its own - it would only have been created alongside the .mpg file that is the video file you need. So the .mpg file would have been there once.

If the .mpg file is really not there now then someone or something must have deleted it, moved it somewhere else, or renamed it. If you are unable to determine where it has gone (check the recycle bin and anywhere else you may have accidentally dragged it to, and also do a file search for it) then just create it again by repeating the render that you created it with in the first place.