MS Ships Windows 2000 SP3

ctbarker32 wrote on 7/31/2002, 1:19 PM

Just saw this announcement about the release of Windows 2000 SP3:,3959,427545,00.asp

Could someone from SF confirm that the long awaited WDM fix for kmixer that will allow SF apps to record higher bit/sample rates than 16k/44k is solved with this service pack? Also, a notice of any gotchas with SP3 and SF apps would be appreciated (e.g. Does SF endorse the installation of SP3?).




kleb wrote on 8/3/2002, 7:47 PM

Anyone updated their systems yet? Are any problems anticipated by SoFo? I've just downloaded the service pack and will post any findings. I'd too like to hear about any gotchas with SP3... first!