MTC/cursor instability in Beta 3

tonepad wrote on 7/22/1999, 5:12 PM
Peter I've also sent this via "feedback" Email, but I'm not
getting response and the TV season is looming. It appears
that on alternate manual and sync PB the cursor leaves the
current location and pops back to the beginning and sticks
and I get no PB until I hit stop and play when it then
plays properly from the desired location. When I'm in MTC
lock the same thing wants to happen but as a result of
going back from say 01:32:30:00 to 01:00:00:00 the whole
app locks...UNTIL I go to prefs and change
something...anything! nothing specific!...that unfreezes
MTC and then the system will next play properly locked.
This condition is intermittant but fairly constant and
repeatable, and the fix always works. What's up with
this? V2 was great in this area! I also can't send the
cursor down to a distant location without first dragging a
clip manually there first. As I stated in one of my Emails
I also thought this was do-able in the earlier ver. If not
it needs to be...I need to regularly work in a project that
is from 00:59:30:00 to 01:59:59:00 (29.97 DFTC) in length.
This is the common 1 hour episodic TV show format. Peter,
this is Time Code 101, and standards were established years
and years ago, so I'm going to assume that you all know
that and let's find out what the bug is. Please advise!
Here is my basic H-ware AMD 300 k-6/160meg ram/JL Cooper
LTC-MTC box/SBlive mpu-401 I/O/Mixtreme audio I/O. This
all worked minus the Mixtreme with V2. The Mixtreme is a
replacement for an earlier bad board (so it may be suspect
as well, tho why would it affect MTC?).


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