MTC Sync w/ Vegas and Acid

Siggi_Churchill wrote on 2/1/2000, 12:58 PM
I asked about how to sync Acid and Vegas internally a while
ago and Peter got me going but I've recently run into a sync
problem that I didn't notice at first.

Vegas doesn't always trigger playback imediately, which is
causing Vegas to be ever so slightly behind Acid. It
doesn't happen the same way twice either. One time it will
be dead on, then the next time I hit play in acid, Vegas
will be little bit behind, then a little more, then in sync
etc etc..

Vegas doesn't drift at all with acid it is just an offset
problem that is not consistent. The way I tested this out
was to make a click track in acid which I the recorded into
Vegas while the 2 were running in sync. Then I would play
the two tracks back and see if they were in sync. It was
never out by more than a 16th at the very worst and I would
get phasing (as you would expect) when they were dead on.

I have some ideas as to what the problem might be and would
like to hear if anyone else has some insights

If I make sure each app is starting from the beginning then
I found that I stood a better chance of being in sync. If
Vegas were parked somewhere else, and Acid was started from
the top, there would always be a delay suggesting that there
is some processor lag.
Peter had said to make sure that Vegas was set to "trigger
playback only" and not to chase. Should I be chasing

When I tried to have Vegas chase the 2 clicks were hugely
out of sync and Vegas would ramp up at the beginning of
playback. I haven't tried recording the click in Vegas
while Vegas is set to chase just when it has been set to

dual PIII 450, 512RAM, Matrox G400, 10k scsi, NT40 SP4, DSPF


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