Multicam with Split Screen

merlin-beedell wrote on 3/30/2020, 12:58 PM

How about this for a feature enhancement - in the Multicam mode, to be able to output 2 or more takes in a split screen layout - typically side-by-side or one above the other. A range of templated split screen view layouts. Similar to the way that Zoom or Skype switch between single view and multi-speaker views. This would then require re-framing the split parts to center them correctly (which can sometimes be a tad fiddly in Vegas).

I recognise this can be done outside of multi-cam mode, though you would need to restore the tracks and use PIP or other methods. But to do this within Multi-cam mode could be most useful, I think. I saw a forum where this same question was posed - so I guess its not just me.

One alternative thought is to select any number of video tracks and present them using the multi-cam view technique but without the special multi-cam track. This would help queue up video from different sources which were not of the same occasion. I currently set the opacity of the top track to 50% so i can see 2 tracks, but it's a bit fiddly this way and only useful for 2 videos at a time. [Why - well I video Am-Dram productions on several performances and piece together a DVD from these - I select a master 'performance' but will overlay sections where the view on other performances was better - all a bit time consuming!].


j-v wrote on 3/30/2020, 1:23 PM

When you want to use the multicamtrack and play the timeline I think you see the different (small) screens side-by-side while playing and by clicking on a screen you can change the splits. Is that what you want? Because it is normal behaviour like mine, look

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merlin-beedell wrote on 3/31/2020, 5:37 AM

This is the classic multicam view, but lets say that i just highlight 2 or more video tracks without entering multi-cam mode but still wanted to see all of the videos in a view like the multi-cam mode, that could be most useful.

Then let's say that I did enter multi-cam mode, and was happily switching between the various takes - but in one section i thought it would be really nice to show 2 takes side by side, then i would need to complete the multi-cam, return to normal mode, and start using other techniques to locate the footage section, overlay and frame to achieve the required split screen view in that section. So if this could be achieved all within multi-cam mode, it would surely be easier and, i think, a pretty cool new feature.