Erik_Nygaard wrote on 12/17/2003, 3:16 AM
I'm not at my music PC, but I think you can just click where you want the new track ID and hit T.
CDM wrote on 12/17/2003, 5:05 AM
A couple of ways to do this.

1) add file from explorer to the timeline. By default, I believe it will add one track. To add additional tracks, click in the timeline and hit T on the keyboard.

2) add regions which represent tracks in Sound Forge and when you add the file to the timeline, right click on it and choose "Add Tracks From Media Regions" and this will create tracks wherever there were Sound Forge regions in the original file.

a few other ways, but that should help you.

Traktion wrote on 12/18/2003, 8:09 PM
Thanks, sitting the spot with the cursor and hitting "T" worked like a charm, the I would just slide back my marker to the next track ID place and "T" again.

I appreciate ya'll's help.