Multisession DVD

wafalcon wrote on 2/13/2007, 8:09 AM

I am curently working on a video project that will not take up all of the DVD space, so I was wandering if there is a way in Architect to make the Multisession (DVD+DATA). I took Photos of the event and Video taped that day and people want video on DVD and they also want Photos in their full resolution. So if there would be a way to make video to be burned first and then Data (Photos) in the space left over I can save a lot of time, CDs, and it will be playable on DVD Players.

Thank you for Reading.


nolonemo wrote on 2/13/2007, 9:31 AM
You don't need to mess with multisession, you do it all in one burn.

In DVDA, in the File-Properties-Disc Properties window, there is an option to designate a folder that you want to include on the disk, just point it to the folder where the photos you want to include are.

I use DVDA to create the VIDEO_TS and AUDIO_TS folders, and do the actual burning in Nero, so I don't use the DVDA option, but add the extra stuff in Nero. You can just dump the photos into the top level of the disk, or, neater, create a top-level folder called PHOTOS or something, and put them in there. As long as you don't add anything extra in the VIDEO_TS folder, you should be fine.