Multitrack Audio Mp4

Robert-Ferrante wrote on 3/22/2023, 12:44 PM

Hey I am using vegas pro 20. I have an mp4 with six audio tracks recorded in vmix. All the tracks show up in vegas but 1 and 2 show as stereo as do 5 and 6. 3 and 4 are kept separate. Why don't they all show as mono tracks?


jetdv wrote on 3/22/2023, 1:28 PM

That's the standard way 5.1 audio is imported:

Channels 1 & 2 as a stereo track

Channel 3 as a mono track

Channel 4 as a mono track

Channels 5 & 6 as a stereo track

And that's what I had to replicate in my current tutorial:

rraud wrote on 3/22/2023, 6:14 PM

There is (or was) a setting in "Options> Preferences> General" to import interleaved stereo events as L/R mono I do not know if it will help in this case though.

jetdv wrote on 3/23/2023, 7:58 AM
Import stereo as dual mono


Robert-Ferrante wrote on 3/23/2023, 11:57 AM

Thank you all much appreciated!