MultiTrack recording

NofxSnap wrote on 4/15/2002, 5:03 PM
I am totally new to Vegas Pro along with being a newb at Audio recording/Editing..
I am trying to record a second track on top of a previous one. I get the error
"The record device Microsoft Sound Mapper does not support the current input format."
Which basically means nothing to me... Any help would be appreciated..


LanceL wrote on 4/16/2002, 8:38 AM
You probably don't want to be using Microsoft Sound Mapper. Go to Options -> Prefs -> Audio tab. Set Audio device type to "Windows Classic Wave Driver." Also, make sure you don't have Sound Mapper running as your default system sound device. Go to Start -> Settings -> Control Panel -> Multimedia (or Sounds & Multimedia under more recent versions of Windows). Choose your sound card (not MS Sound Mapper) for your default recording and playback devices.