Munchkin playback ??? HELP

GES wrote on 10/26/2006, 5:21 PM
Howdy folks, i been using CD Arch for YEARS and this is a first. I recently Installed a new Soundcard (Line 6 Toneport) to REC thru BUT i use MIA Echo for Playback. ALL CDArch Audio is set to MIA (since i dont REC thru CDArch) - hers the issue , I record audio @ 24b/48khz thru ACID or Sonar and it playsback FINE in those, BUT when i bring the 24b/28k wav into CDARCH it is 'fast' (it sounds MUNCKINIZED) as if CDARCH is not recognizing its 24/48 or something. I have been importing 24/48k for years and it always played back fine til now. i was able to fix it once by changing the MIA sc settings from WDM (windows media) to ASIO, but now that doesnt fix it.... What gives???? If it is the Soundcard, it would fix it self once i rearranged the SC AND CDARCH settings , but it doesnt, besides, It works FINE in all my other DAW progs.

Please help.


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